A View of The Reichenbach Fall

11 Mar

It seems somehow wonderfully synchronistic that I finish watching Sherlock season 2 just as season 3 goes into production.

I thought I’d share a few of my thoughts on “The Reichenbach Fall”.  Firstly, I freely admit that it is NOT an episode I really enjoyed. It was just too uneven and disjointed.  I realise this reflects the dislocated state of Sherlock’s mind throughout the episode, but it made for very hard, very confusing, viewing.

The episode’s savior were the brilliant performances of Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and Mark Gatiss.  All three men showed what fantastic actors they are.  I am sorry, Andrew Scott fans, but I can’t really praise his performance, mostly because Moriarty creeps me out so much that I can barely stand to watch him.  Sign of a good actor, I suppose.

There were some scenes that just delighted me.

Sherlock entertaining Moriarty to tea.  So delightfully British.  A friend of mine pointed out that tea appeared quite a bit in this episode.  A foreshadow for season 3?  And if so, of what?

My favourite part of the entire episode was the arrest of Sherlock.  Not so much the arrest, as the aftermath.  The Chief Superintendent shooting his mouth off… John takes two steps and…

Sherlock: Joining me?    John: Yeah, apparently it’s against the law to chin the Chief Superintendent.

Do not mess with John Watson.  He is a Bad Ass!

I have tried to work out how the body substitution was done.  I can work out that time was gained by arranging for someone to knock John over with a bicycle.  One of Sherlock’s homeless network, perhaps?  And to pull off such an audacious act, Mycroft had to be involved.  Only he had access to all the resources needed.

Speaking of Mycroft, was I the only one who found him screwing up and blabbing to Moriarty hard to believe?  Mycroft is too damn smart to allow himself to be used.  I believe Mycroft was pulling Moriarty’s strings.  Sherlock’s increasing fame and public adulation was dangerous.  Dangerous to Mycroft’s continued ability to protect the realm.  Sherlock had to be discredited.  Small things hint at this.  Moriarty having Mycroft’s mobile phone number in “A Scandal in Belgravia” is what caught my attention.  I need to go back and study all the other episodes carefully.  Such a hardship, I know.

I really hope that, having served his purpose, Jim Moriarty will not be brought back.  Steven Moffat has said he’ll be back, but Mark Gatiss has said he won’t.  Hoping Mark Gatiss is correct.

Moriarty isn’t needed.  Conan Doyle supplied at least two other excellent villains that would work well in the modern context.  Blackmailer Charles Augustus Milverton for one.  The other is Colonel Sebastian Moran.

I believe we have already seen Moran.  Remember the sniper in the staircase?  I think this just happens to be Moriarty’s “little friend”.

With season 3 starting filming next week, we now have only months until we get the answers to our questions.  And get given a whole load of more questions to answer.


5 Responses to “A View of The Reichenbach Fall”

  1. Ani Taylor March 20, 2013 at 8:32 pm #

    Tea is so quintessentially British, I happen to be drinking a mug of it as I write this. Lol.

    Something a lot of people forget, Moriarty included, when talking about this episode is Miss Hooper. She is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of THE key players in Sherlocks faked death. Everyone forgets Molly, thinks Sherlock doesn’t care about her, but he does… Moriarty never threatened her, never saw her as anyone important, and that was his biggest mistake.

    Sherlock Holmes: [waiting for Molly in the darkened lab, she enters and is startled when he begins to speak] You do count. You’ve always counted, and I always trusted you. But you were right. I’m not ok.
    Molly Hooper: Tell me what’s wrong.
    Sherlock Holmes: I think I’m going to die.
    Molly Hooper: What do you need?
    Sherlock Holmes: If I wasn’t everything you think I am, or I think I am, would you still want to help me?
    Molly Hooper: What do you need?
    Sherlock Holmes: You.

    One of my single most favourite parts of the episode if I’m honest… A moment of clarity and genuine emotion from him. You get it with John, the looks, the small comments, but this… Coupled with his reaction re: The Christmas Present… It says so much really.

    The bouncing ball is key… Sherlock plays with it in the episode… If you put a ball in you armpit it’ll stop the blood flow meaning no pulse. The cyclist and the tumble disoriented John, long enough for a switch maybe? The removal of something key? And, if you watch it slowly, one of the men that run to Sherlock immediately after the fall is pulling something out of his jacket that looks, on inspection, much like a bloodbag.

    Moffatt said that elements that hint to how it was done were there if you looked hard enough… I keep looking. Lol. They got the Season 3 pickup at the same time as Season 2 so I believe that filmed part of the explanation, the fall out, then.

    I can’t wait for Season 3! Eeeep! xx


    • margysmusings March 20, 2013 at 8:43 pm #

      Yeah. I noted the very out of character bouncing of the ball in the lab and surmised that Sherlock had pulled Houdini’s trick.

      I also saw the blood bag. The sheer level of people involved is mind blowing. Probably co-ordinated by Molly.

      I had noted Molly’s absence from the death list. Moriarty based her value to Sherlock on what he saw in the lab during “The Great Game”. Always stupid to make assumptions without full data.

      I believe the need for John to be run over and disoriented was to get Sherlock OUT of harness and on to the ground covered with fake blood before John got to him. From where he was John could see Sherlock jump, but wouldn’t see him land. That is the critical point.

      I am REALLY looking forward to season 3.


  2. margysmusings March 24, 2013 at 9:05 pm #

    This is a link to my only Sherlock fan fic, which was inspired by discussions about this blog. http://www.goodreads.com/story/show/330513?chapter=1



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