Give Benedict some “Me” time.

18 Apr

I am starting to feel very sorry for poor Benedict Cumberbatch.  Since the first episode of season 3 Sherlock ceased filming earlier this week, the poor guy hasn’t had a moment’s peace.

First his lunch with friends is basically crashed with photos of him at a restaurant in Soho being spread all over  the internet.  So far no-one has mentioned what dish he was eating, but I am expecting that information to appear any minute now.

Then he goes for a quiet night at the theatre.  Firstly he gets accosted in the bar for a photo, then can’t enjoy the play because the audience was busy watching him not the play.

This last really sucks.  The main reason is disrespect.  Firstly, it is disrespectful to Benedict Cumberbatch, who was trying to have a pleasant evening with friends, and was basically being treated like an exhibit at the zoo.  Anyone who was there, kindly tell me, what were you watching him for?  To see if he’d start scratching himself and jumping around like a chimpanzee does?  Maybe start swinging from the light fittings?

The second reason is it is disrespectful to the actors on stage.  They are giving their all to entertain, but the paying public would rather watch another audience member.  These people are professionals.  The top of their profession, and the audience basically wiped them like an oily rag.  Sorry, but anyone who spent time ogling Benedict that night should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

To the fans who are doing this.  You are only proving that the word “fan” is an abbreviation of the word “fanatic”.  Not nice.  Not cool.  How can you say you admire and love this man when you are hounding him?  Make no mistake, that is exactly what you are doing.

Every single person on this planet is entitled to their privacy and to be treated with respect.  There are no exceptions.

When Benedict is working, there is no problem.  He is “on duty”.  There for his fans, and it is obvious that Benedict genuinely appreciates the love and support he gets.

But when he is on his own time, leave the poor bugger alone!  How would you like to be going about your daily business with people following you around, taking photos, staring at you, pointing at you, and generally harassing the crap out of you?  Be honest, you wouldn’t like it.  So why the hell do you expect Benedict to like it?

It is a testament to just what a genuinely nice person he is that Benedict hasn’t told someone to go forth and multiply (in basic Anglo-Saxon) yet.


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