Pondering Pigeons

2 May

I will freely admit that my knowledge of the behaviour of pigeons could be written on the head of a pin.  Yesterday, however, I saw a couple of things that made me wonder if pigeons were, in fact, more interesting than I had previously considered.  To me, pigeons seemed to exist solely for the purpose of leaving large amounts of crap strewn over public monuments.

There were a couple of pigeons hanging around while I was waiting for my tram home from work.

 Pigeon #1 caught my eye when I noticed him feeding on a piece of chicken!  Now, if you had asked me, I would have said that pigeons ate bread and seeds and things like that.  To see a pigeon ferociously pecking at a piece of deep fried chicken made me deeply uneasy.  This had overtones of cannibalism to me!  No-one told me pigeons ate meat!  Or had I perchance come across the Hannibal Lector of the pigeon world?  I started looking around just in case there were any fava beans and a bottle of good Chianti stashed nearby!

Pigeon #2 seemed to be exhibiting great uneasiness around Hannibal the Pigeon.  Not that I actually blamed him!  Hannibal was giving me the willies.

When Hannibal left his chicken and started waddling towards Pigeon #2 something really odd happened.

Pigeon #2 ran towards me, and hid, trembling, behind my right leg, peering anxiously around my ankle at Hannibal.  Pretty sure this is not standard pigeon behaviour!

Hannibal stood, head on one side, eying me, as if wondering whether or not I would defend Pigeon #2 in the case of cannibal attack!

It all became moot at that point, when a man with a large, obnoxious, dog came racing down the street, scaring both pigeons away.

I however, have been pondering pigeon behavioral norms ever since.  Just what does constitute normal operating parameters for pigeons?  All knowledgeable comments will be gratefully received.


One Response to “Pondering Pigeons”

  1. Cathy Howat May 2, 2013 at 9:26 pm #

    Jaws 4, BEAKS!


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