Silken Prey

23 May

Finished reading the new John Sandford Lucas Davenport novel, “Silken Prey” last night.

As always, John Sandford writes a ripping yarn.  Action packed and stacked with wit and smart arsed comments.  However, I found “Silken Prey” to be something of a disappointment.

I am not interested in political thrillers, which, unfortunately, is what “Silken Prey” mostly is.  The plot revolves around a dirty tricks campaign against the current senator by the opposition trying to oust him, and the inevitable murders that occur as the plot unravels.

Sorry, but many non-Americans are deeply uninterested in the minutiae of American politics, so it effectively renders the book unfathomable and, ultimately, uninteresting to those outside of the USA.

I know from posts John Sandford has made on his Facebook page that he is contemplating moving Lucas Davenport to Washington D.C..  If this happens I will probably stop reading.  Not so much because of the subject matter, but because some of my favorite characters will not believably be able to make the shift with Lucas and his family.  Lucas can’t really take his BCA team with him, so no more Jenkins, Shrake, or Del Capslock, except maybe in the Virgil Flowers novels, which are different again.

The only upside I can see to shifting the setting is that maybe we will get the return of FBI agent Louis Mallard.  I really enjoyed all the books Mallard was in.  It would be nice to see him as a regular.

I did notice that John Sandford made a slight error.  All the way through the books Lucas and Weather’s housekeeper has been Ellen – suddenly she becomes Helen!  Mr Sandford’s editor needs their backside smacked.  That should have been picked up.

Subject matter aside, “Silken Prey” was a good read.  It had all the elements I have come to expect in a John Sandford novel.  His characters all seethe with life and energy.  I do hope we get to see more of former Secret Service agent Alice Green in future novels.  That would almost reconcile me on shifting Lucas to Washington D.C.

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