Small Pleasures

29 May

Sometimes it’s the small pleasures of life that make it all feel so much better.

I’m currently nursing a sore throat, and a hosting a massive self pity party.  I hate being sick.

I was curled up in the living last night with my iPod and a couple of small treats.  In this case a mug of Oxfam Fair Trade Organic Hot Chocolate, and several HobNobs.  For those not in the UK, HobNobs are an oat biscuit (cookie) with one side coated in sweet, creamy, milk chocolate.  A tiny slice of heaven.

I was savouring my treats, and it occurred to me that really, it is the small pleasures of life, that do make it all feel worthwhile.  Just taking the time out to treat oneself can make a massive difference to personal attitudes to things.

My hot chocolate tasted so good, especially with the HobNobs, that I lost myself in the sensory pleasure of them both and ended up forgetting I was hosting my own private pity party.  Best outcome, really.  Went to bed feeling positive, rather than miserable. 

I think, to an extent, we have mostly lost the ability to really appreciate small pleasures.  Society today is so busy scurrying from one place to another that we don’t take the time to stop and smell the roses….or the hot chocolate, for that matter.

This needs to be rectified.  For the sake of our mental health we need to slow down at least once a day.  Relax.  Sip a hot drink and revel in the taste, the warmth, the scent,  and the steam on your face.  Take a few moments to visit a park and watch the ducks.  Smell a few roses (watch out for bees).  Lay in the grass and make pictures out of the cloud formations.  If it has been raining, jump in the puddles.  Don’t worry about muddy water on your clothes and shoes.  It will wash off.  Make a snow angel.  Run through piles of autumn leaves. 

Stop simply existing and start living.  Kick off your life with one small pleasure and keep adding to them.  It won’t take long until you have a massive heap of things that give you small bursts of joy.  String them all together and soon your whole life will be made up of joyous moments.  Isn’t that all what we really want anyway?


5 Responses to “Small Pleasures”

  1. Milagros Jorge May 29, 2013 at 9:11 pm #

    Oh, those pity parties…and those small’s so true we have lost that ability…that’s why we need to indulge our inner child more…


  2. Deb May 29, 2013 at 9:16 pm #

    Amazing, I was just telling a friend the very same thing, that she needs to take a break and not get so wrapped up in work or life that it’s overwhelming!


  3. Bellz May 31, 2013 at 1:01 am #

    I have often thought this to be true of life. In times when I can’t seem to do right, I often go, by myself, for 2 hour non-stop drives around my rural area…while it is still so. I am use to being alone; was an only child. I find pleasure in watching leaves fall; the wind rolling papers along; the sound of a bird singing; rain pitter-patting on the window sills. Getting a warm and fuzzy glow when i remember happy memories…then I might shed a few tears. The quiet and loneliness of the late night…peaceful. This is what makes up a happy life, the less involved, the more simple things are, the better it is. The achievement in doing ‘silent’ things, and, having the opportunity to do so often enough, I love to let the child in me out to, pleasing a lot, but not all, but its what makes me be me.


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