Winter of my Discontent

13 Jun

I hate winter.  I loathe being cold.  I loathe being wet.  And living in Melbourne that is basically what most of my winter consists of: being cold and wet.  Oh, and miserable.  Can’t forget the miserable.

I can imagine few circumstances where I could actually enjoy winter.  These involve a log fire, a plush sheep skin rug, wine or a good whiskey, chocolate and a gorgeous man.  The details I will leave to your imagination.

However, I don’t have that.  What I have is rain.  Lots and lots of rain.  It’s been raining since Tuesday.  It is now Friday.  It is supposed to continue raining until Thursday next week.

Not happy.

Bunnings have sold out of gopher wood. 

I’d seriously consider moving to higher ground, except for one thing.  It’s cold up there.  There’s snow on them there hills.  Snow is probably worse than rain.  It’s cold, wet and miserable all at the same time.  Not to mention people throwing handfuls of the stuff at each other, firmly convinced that they’re having fun.  I’ve had fun.  It doesn’t involve being cold and wet with attendant frostbite.

Have you worked out yet that I REALLY hate winter?

I have my eyes firmly glued on the calendar.  Friday 21st June.  Midwinter Solstice.  The longest night of the year.  After which the days slowly begin to lengthen and the slow crawl back to summer begins.  Right now I’d crawl across broken glass to get to summer.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll huddle in a corner, close my eyes and imagine I’m curled up in front of a log fire….

*hangs up ‘Do Not Disturb” sign*



One Response to “Winter of my Discontent”


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