Time To Take A Stand

17 Jun

The photo of Charles Saatchi with his hands around the throat of his wife, Nigella Lawson, shocked, horrified, sickened, and disgusted me.

Where does the man get off thinking it is acceptable to behave violently towards his wife?

Only the lowest, brutish, most pathetic morons think that the way to solve anything is through violence.  Especially when it is directed towards their wives or their children. 

I suppose we should be pleased that Charles Saatchi has shown his true colours in public.  I’m betting most people would not have believed it if it had leaked out that he hit his wife behind closed doors.  He’s a business man.  A celebrity.  Therefore in the eyes of the greater public he is more than human.  In his actions towards Nigella he has, in fact, shown that he is LESS than human.

Words cannot adequately express my contempt for him. 

Any man who thinks it is all right to behave violently towards his wife is nothing but a bully and a coward.  It is a great pity that someone at that restaurant didn’t intervene and teach Charles Saatchi a short sharp lesson.   Belting him around the head with a tray may have worked.  And yes, I realise this sounds somewhat hypocritical.  Meeting violence with violence isn’t really acceptable, but unfortunately, violence is the only thing men like him understand.  They equate violence with power.   To demonstrate you are more powerful than him, you have to be more violent than him. 

One English journalist on Twitter has been saying that the incident was “unfortunate” but that there are more important domestic violence incidents to be investigated.  I haven’t yet decided whether the reporter in question is a prat or a jerk, or possibly both.  

ALL domestic violence incidents are important.  Any single incident is one too damn many.  One more woman, or child, terrified and traumatized by the very man she has a right to believe will love her and cherish her for the rest of their lives. 

The street I grew up on had a couple of families where domestic violence occurred on a regular basis.  It was well known that our door was always open to help.  My father intervened on more than one occasion. 

Domestic violence isn’t something that just ‘happens to others’.  It is happening all the time to people we know and love, and we may never find out about it until something like the Saatchi/Lawson incident happens.

It’s time to take a stand.  Society closes its eyes too often against violence towards women in a family situation.  Even if you cannot physically intervene, just be there.  Be the shoulder to cry on.  Supply the bed,  when to save her life, your neighbour leaves her violent husband.  Support anti domestic violence charities in your city.  Donate to women’s shelters in your area.  Stand up and be counted.



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