Internal Heating?

10 Jul

I hate winter, as previously stated ( ).  It never fails to amaze me that some people just don’t seem to feel the cold.

It was around 5 degrees Celsius this morning when I caught my tram.  Two stops later several young ladies got on who were severely under dressed for the weather.  To whit, they were wearing extremely short skirts and camisoles…and that was about it.

Huddled on my seat in my warm pants, jumper, duck down jacket, thermal scarf, gloves, and boots I immediately felt several degrees colder!

I know the body’s thermostat changes, but I don’t remember being that bloody impervious to cold when I was in my teens and twenties.  And certainly not as a kid.  As far as my memories go back, my winters have consisted of jumper collections that John H. Watson would be proud of, warm coats, scarves, beanie hats, and misery.  I spend most winters wandering around looking like a chubby hobbit (I’m short, okay?).

To wander around in freezing conditions in clothes that, to be honest, I wouldn’t even wear in the summer, beggars belief.  How have they not developed hypothermia?  Or frostbite of the lady bits?

I damn near developed frostbite just looking at them!  And I swear if they hadn’t got off the tram when they did, hypothermia would have followed swiftly!

I can only assume they were cushioned by alcohol, as the stop they got on at was outside a train station, and that they had been at a nightclub in the city.  After all, one of the bakers from the Titanic was found alive in the frigid waters of the Atlantic an hour after he’d gone in… he was as pissed as a newt.  Alcohol has amazing properties, but I’m not sure I want to destroy my liver to keep the rest of me warm.

But here’s a thought…if they dress like that in winter, what the hell will they wear in summer?  I don’t think I want to know the answer to that question!


3 Responses to “Internal Heating?”

  1. carolinemunn July 10, 2013 at 9:19 pm #

    LOL. I often wear singlets in winter, but accompanied with pants/trackpants/jeans, not frilly little girl skirts or anything. I do not feel the cold as much on my upper body, and my armpits get rather claustrophobic when incased in a jersey. I also have 5 children to run around after, and when others comment on my lack of a jersey, i tell them i don’t have time to get cold.


  2. ♥ Marie Edwards ♥ (@MarieEdwards429) August 9, 2013 at 2:54 am #

    Believe it or not, as I’ve discovered as we age, our body has issues regulating it’s temperature, and some older people get cold a lot easier than younger people. Not saying you’re “old” though 😉 it’s something I’ve noticed within the last few years with my mom.

    My mom (who just turned 62) can be “freezing” in 72-73°F (22-23°C), and I’m “just fine”, in fact, it’s a perfect temp for me. Then again, I’m 37 and I have issues with high heat temps. Up to about 5-7 years ago, she had no problems with “cold”, then wham! And, as she’s gotten older, her sensitivity has increased.

    I can’t be in a room if the temp is over 78°F (26°C), where my mom is “comfortable”, past 80°F (27°C) it becomes unbearable for me.

    41°F (5°C) isn’t too bad for me, then again I’ve gone through 115°F (46°C) summers, so it’s more or less getting acclimated to it. Sometimes I get by with just a long sleeve shirt, coat, jeans and tennis/athletic shoes with 41°F. I’ve been known to go out in a long sleeve dress, and sandals.

    In the summer heat around here, I’d definitely wear a light skirt and a cami. 100-115°F is nothing to play around with.

    After reading what you were wearing, I’m looking for the freezer now. If you were here and wearing that, I’d think you were over dressed for the winter. I’ve seen some people wearing short sleeves and shorts in 41°/5°C.

    But, yes, some people don’t “feel” the cold like others do. Could be a higher iron level, could be alcohol. Could be age and metabolism. It’d make an interesting science study. That I wouldn’t mind seeing research done on that.

    I’m on the opposite side — I detest heat. I can always put more clothes on, but I can’t take anything off past the “skkivies” if ya catch my meaning 😛 so they could be on the opposite end.


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