Take Me At Face Value

23 Jul

I do wonder about the manners of some people.

I got into a conversation on a social media site with someone who accused me of A) Lying about my age because I am obviously younger than 40; and B) If I am over 40 then I am obviously using an old photo because women over 40 don’t look that young.


I am not in the habit of lying about my age or using photos that are years old.  My next BIG birthday is the 5-0 one.  So I am well over 40.  And the photo I use on here was taken last November.  There has to be around 10 people who remember the damn thing being taken!

I really and truly do not understand some people.  Yes, I look younger than my actual age.  Where is that license for people to be rude?  I’m all for being direct and forthright, but there is clear line between being forthright and being downright bloody rude.

I know I look younger than 40.  I’ve lost count of the number of times I have heard “Well dear, when you reach 40…”   Errr, well, actually… 

Blame my youthful look on my genetics.  I have good skin, courtesy of my mother.  She’s nearly 85 and has skin like a child.  I have high cheekbones.  Not as high as Benedict Cumberbatch’s, but high enough that wrinkly cheeks are probably not going to happen.  People with high cheekbones very rarely get them due to the way the muscles and flesh draw the skin tight.  My cheeks will most likely get that gaunt, slightly hollow look as I get older.

I can also thank Joan Collins for my relatively youthful look.  When I was in my late teens I read her autobiography where she stated she’d started moisturizing at 16.  Joan Collins was then, and still is, a beautiful woman.  So I started moisturizing.  I see the results of following Miss Collins advice every time I look into the mirror.  Thank you, Joan Collins. 

I also drink a lot of water and eat very little red meat.  Whether this has had any effect on my skin is anyone’s guess.

The point is, I have nothing to gain be pretending to be older than I am.  Age is mostly a state of mind, anyway. 

I get tired of people saying “Oh, I’m too old for that.”  Bollocks!  I went indoor rock climbing last year.  I was probably the oldest person there attempting to climb the walls.  I didn’t look around and think, “Everyone is younger than me, I shouldn’t be doing this.”  I rigged up and gave it a go.  I’m scared of heights, and ended up frozen like a cat up a power pole on several attempts, but I still did it.  And I had fun. 

Maybe that’s the secret of my youthful look.  I have fun.  Hmmm, something to think about.

3 Responses to “Take Me At Face Value”

  1. Bellz July 24, 2013 at 1:27 am #

    Good for you old girl…well said…lol…


  2. ems36 August 7, 2013 at 6:29 am #

    I get told many a time that i am in my early to mid 20’s and ppl do not believe me when i say nope i am 36 and they still say i am lying ummmm i know what year i was born :p
    When i was asked for i.d to get into a pub in cambridge there was ppl infront of me getting in who looked about 12yrs old.
    We shell paint london red in 2015 with are youthful looks 😀 and benedict cumberbatch looking cheekbones.


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