Trick or Treat?

28 Oct

Right now the shops are garishly decorated in a revolting shade of orange and black.  Fake cobwebs and spiders predominate.  Interior design courtesy of Morticia Addams.

Australia and New Zealand have never had a tradition of celebrating Halloween.  It is vaguely disturbing to discover this, the most annoying of commercialised holidays, has seeped into the antipodes like so much spilled sewage.

In a country with a massive obesity problem we should not be encouraging a day that, these days, is simply an excuse for gorging on sweets.  We should be setting an example of good eating practices for our children, not encouraging them to scoff lollies.

Part of my disapproval of Halloween is the crass commercialism of it.  People forget that Halloween began as a pre-Christian religious festival.  Halloween has some of its roots in the Celtic festival of Samhain.  It became All Hallows Eve, or Halloween, when the Christian church attempted to stamp it out in their usual way of “if you can’t destroy it; adapt it.”  Well, it worked for Christmas!

Christians who whine on about the commercialisation of Christmas, take a good close look at Halloween.  This is eventually going to be what happens to Christmas.  No religious or spiritual elements left to it at all. 

I think, at base, this is what really pisses me off about Halloween.  Something beautiful and sacred has been taken and warped into an excuse to watch crappy horror movies and overdose on sugar.

Samhain was the time when the veils between the worlds were thinnest and the dead could return home to see their families one more time.  A time for reflection, remembrance, and demonstrations of familial love.

Does that sound like Halloween to you?  I bet it doesn’t.

Shows you how far it’s drifted from the original, doesn’t it?

You can keep your candy and your costumes.  Come 31st October this year, I’ll light a candle and remember my dead, keeping the true meaning of Samhain/Halloween alive in my heart. 

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