Mycroft in A Scandal in Belgravia

5 Nov

I watched the Sherlock episode “A Scandal in Belgravia” again on Saturday night and a few things struck me about Mycroft Holmes.

The more I watch this episode, the more apparent it becomes that Mycroft is actually quite a nasty little bugger.

It is clear by the time we reach the scenes with Sherlock on the aeroplane, that Mycroft is working hand-in-glove with the CIA.  This is one of the things that alarmed me.

This means that Mycroft tacitly approved of the CIA threatening to kill John Watson to get Irene Adler’s phone.  And he approved of the assault on, and holding hostage of Mrs Hudson.  If he had not approved, the head of the CIA team would have been out of the UK before you could say “diplomatic incident”.  The fact he was standing guard at the stairs to the plane speaks volumes as to Mycroft’s approval and deep involvement in the scheme.

Mycroft was prepared to use his vulnerable little brother to get what he wanted, and he was also prepared to kill and/or traumatize the two people his brother most values.  What sort of man uses his brother’s loved ones as pawns against him in a particularly nasty version of chess?

I think the wrong brother has the diagnosis of “high functioning sociopath”.  It’s Mycroft who shows all the signs of sociopathy, with possible psychopathic overtones, not Sherlock.

This brings me to Mycroft and Moriarty.  The thing that struck me when I first watched “A Scandal in Belgravia” was the fact that Moriarty had Mycroft’s mobile phone number.  How did he get it?  Mobile phone numbers are not routinely printed in telephone directories, and in any case you can bet that Mycroft’s number would be ex-directory.  Only those whom he trusts would have that number.  Sherlock does.  John does.  No-one with half a working braincell would trust Moriarty with their number.

It was pretty obvious from Mycroft’s reaction that he was familiar with the person who texted him.  The message itself was so vague as to be meaningless.

Ergo, Mycroft and Moriarty have been working together on something.  The downfall of Sherlock, perhaps?  Or is Moriarty an operative of Mycroft’s that slipped the leash and went rogue?

I am hoping that Season 3 will give me some answers to my questions.

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