A Few Speculations on “His Last Vow”

7 Jan

There’s a lot of talk on Twitter, and such like internet sites, about the forth coming “Sherlock” season 3 episode “His Last Vow”.  I’ve had a few thoughts on this that I thought I might share.

The thing that is freaking more than a few “Sherlock” fans out is the hospital scene.  We don’t know what happens in the hospital yet, but exterior scenes were shot with John and Lestrade and, of course, rumour is running around like a hamster in a wheel.  Going nowhere fast and ultimately futile.

A section of the fandom seems to think that it is Sherlock who is hospitalised.  There is nothing to support this speculation at all.

Those of us who are Sherlockians, and have read all the stories more times than we care to count, do know one thing.  Don’t get too attached to Mary Morstan.  She didn’t survive long in the books.  A  few times Mrs Watson is mentioned, then *BOOM* – gone.  Over the years there has been lots of discussion as to the disappearance of Mary Watson nee Morstan.  Apart from the obvious one that ACD realised that she buggered up the action and so just quietly dropped the character, or given his cavalier attitude to continuity (DO NOT get me started on Watson’s Wandering War Wound) just forgot her, one or two ideas as to her fate have been discussed deeply.  One very popular theory is that Mary died either in childbirth or while miscarrying. 

Mark Gatiss, Steve Moffat and Steve Thompson are all Sherlockians.  They have not deviated from the spirit of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s immortal creations.  However, if they allow John and Mary to have children and allow Mary to live, that would be shifting “Sherlock” into the realms of “Elementary”.  Just another show that happens to use the names of famous characters.  The spirit of the original stories would be well and truly violated.

There are some good clues that Mary is deeply involved in “His Last Vow”.  The message she got at the wedding that was signed “CAM”. Charles Augustus Magnessun.  Somehow, in some way, Mary has fallen into his clutches.

Steve Moffat has written “His Last Vow” – I cannot see him being so damned obvious as to have Sherlock’s life hanging by a thread at season end. 

There are a few possibilities as I see it.

1. Mary Morstan is hospitalised after suffering a miscarriage.

2. Mary attempts to commit suicide, either because of CAM or because John discovers what it is CAM knows about Mary.

3. Mycroft has Sherlock committed to a psychiatric hospital.

4. Mycroft has a heart attack.

Of course, knowing Steve Moffat, I will be completely wrong on all counts.  I look forward to finding out.

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