On The Edge

19 Jan

“On The Edge” is the story of Richard Hammond from “Top Gear” and the jet car accident that nearly claimed his life.

Written by Richard and his wife Mindy, “On the Edge” is nothing short of brilliant.  Raw, brutal and honest, Richard and Mindy tell the story of the lead up to the accident, the accident itself, and the aftermath.  Neither of them pull any punches and one thing that comes through is the depth and strength of their relationship.

One thing that really took my breath away was the strength of the friendship between Richard and his “Top Gear” co-stars Jeremy Clarkson and James May.  Both men, when they heard how bad the accident was, just got in their cars and drove from London to Leeds to be with Richard and Mindy.  Nothing else mattered but being there.  That is true friendship.

As I said earlier, neither Richard or Mindy pull any punches, and the result is a raw and powerful memoir of a turbulent and painful time for them, their children and their extended families and friends.

“On the Edge” should be read by anyone who knows anyone who has been brain damaged, or even has dementia, because seeing it from the inside, as it were, will help you understand what your loved one is going through.  It helped me a little to understand what my mum, who now has a dementia diagnosis, is going through.

Richard is candid throughout about his thoughts and feelings after the accident.  That very candidness is what makes “On the Edge” a must read.

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