A Loaf of Bread, A Bottle of Olive Oil, and you can leave me alone…

27 Jan

I have become a convert to the joys of olive oil.

I had been cooking with it for quite a while, when I started reading a book on the history of olive oil and also its health benefits.

It took a while to get my mouth to accept that I was actually having oil instead of butter.  I swear my taste buds initial reaction was “what is this crap???”  However, I persevered and now olive oil has become my favourite pantry item.

I don’t bother with salad dressing.  Just slosh the olive oil over my conglomeration of raw vegetables and eat.  Cooked vegetables are now served with fresh ground black pepper and a splash of olive oil, rather than a knob of butter.  And you know what?  The vegetables taste better! 

But my favourite olive oil thing is my lunch at the weekends.  Fresh crusty bread dipped in olive oil, with cheese and a glass of red wine.  I was very amused at the weekend.  It was Australia Day.  And there was I, on Australia’s version of 4th July, eating what, at first glance was an un-Australian meal.  Though on closer inspection, my meal was probably more Aussie than many that day.  The olive oil was Australian, as was the cheese and the wine, and the bread was made at a little bakery near my flat.  100% Australian meal.

I have tried quite a few olive oils, but have developed a taste for one in particular.  The Australian company Cobram Estate’s “robust” oil.  It’s great on a salad, but I love the way it tastes on bread.  It glides across my palate, tip toes delicately across my taste buds, and then slams into the back on my throat like an out of control Formula One racing car.  Bloody fantastic!

According to The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam it is “A loaf of bread, a jug of wine and thou.”  In my book, these days, it’s “A loaf of bread, a bottle of olive oil, and you can leave me alone.”  At least until I’ve finished my lunch.

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