Sherlock Official Convention: Australia Stiffed

10 Feb

The BBC and Hartswood Films have announced that there will be official Sherlock conventions during 2014.  At first I was delighted, then disillusion and misery set in.

As per bloody normal, the conventions will only be in Europe and the USA.  What about the fans down here in Australia and New Zealand?  Don’t we matter?  You’re happy to take our money for the dvds, books etc, but you won’t give us the treat of seeing the cast and crew.

I think I’m entitled to feel ripped off and neglected.  Pretty sure you buggers can easily afford to arrange one measly convention in Melbourne or Sydney, but no, the fans down here don’t matter.  It would cost me at least $5,000 to get to one of the European or US conventions.  Money I don’t have, not when I am saving frantically for a UK holiday next year.  I could easily afford to travel to Sydney for a con, or better yet attend one here in Melbourne.

Why do they do this?  Are Australasian fans less important in the scheme of things?  We love the show and the stars, but it seems that we don’t matter to anyone in positions of power.

I would really like an answer to why we in the antipodes are being ignored.  But asking for an explanation will go unanswered, because the fact there is no convention for us is an answer in itself.


2 Responses to “Sherlock Official Convention: Australia Stiffed”

  1. Anne Zanoni (@ninja_CE) September 22, 2014 at 6:51 am #

    I’m sorry, but I am nearly certain I know the answer. Numbers.

    Back in 1991, we half-joked at the Pennsic War that two principalities were racing to “go Kingdom”. I was manic, but if I’d asked someone, I would have known which would go Kingdom.

    It was Europe — aka Drachenwald. Oz is a SCA Kingdom now, Lothac. I’m not sure how long it took after 1991, but it was some time, and not just a year, certainly.

    It comes down to population. America has the largest, which is why we hog most of the World Science Fiction Conventions [Worldcons]. We just have more people.

    Sherlock is a niche market, like sf. Of course sf fans will be where a great many Sherlockians are found — trust me, the show’s heavily popular there — for BBC Sherlock.



  2. Izzy April 28, 2015 at 2:07 pm #

    oh my god i am SO for this. Being in Australia sucks for celebrity meetings and conventions in general. Let alone being in melbourne, freekin sydney gets everything and we’re left to our own devices. God i pray for a sherlock convention to be held in Australia one day and SOON!!!


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