Vale Harold Ramis

24 Feb

I went onto Twitter this morning and saw that Harold Ramis was trending.  I was hoping it was news on the projected “Ghostbusters III” movie,  To my absolute horror, it was the announcement of the death of Harold Ramis.

I first came across Harold Ramis as Dr Egon Spengler in “Ghostbusters”.  I adored the character.  Dry, sarcastic, and just damned brilliant.  Not to mention quirky, which seemed to be a trait all Harold’s characters shared.  I am guessing that quirkiness was part and parcel of Harold’s own personality.

I saw “Stripes” several times.  There is a scene with Bill Murray in the recruiter’s office that always succeeded in reducing me to hysterical laughter, no matter how many times I saw it. Recruiter: Are you now, or have your ever been practicing homosexuals? (significant look passes between Russell (Harold’s character) and John (Bill’s character). Russell: No, but we are willing to learn.

Harold’s chemistry with Bill Murray was awesome.  Be it in “Stripes” or later on in “Ghostbusters”.  But it wasn’t just Bill Murray that Harold had fantastic chemistry with.  His outing with now “NCIS” star, Mark Harmon, in the baseball themed movie “Stealing Home” was great.  The scene with Harold and Mark’s character’s dancing outside the laundromat is one that sticks in the memory, even if you can’t remember the plot of the film.

A part of me hopes that the projected “Ghostbusters III” will go ahead as a memorial to Harold, but the majority of me hopes that it won’t.  Ghostbusters wouldn’t be the same without Egon Spengler.  It just wouldn’t feel right.

Rest in Peace, Harold Ramis, and stay to heck away from blokes with what looks like ectoplasmic vacuum cleaners on their backs.

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