Doctor Who: Forever Autumn

11 Mar

Having lost contact with the world of Doctor Who, I have been familiarizing myself with the later Doctors via both dvds and books. I have to admit the Tenth Doctor is probably my favourite, and “Forever Autumn”, by Mark Morris, is my favourite Doctor Who novel so far.

Set in a small New England town at Halloween, the Doctor and Martha have to battle aliens who have been stranded there, and need fear, pain, and horror to refuel their ship.

I have never read a book that had me swinging from curl-up-in-a-ball-and-whimper horror to gut busting laughter before.

“Forever Autumn” is bursting with pop culture references, but all of them suit the mood and the situation, so they don’t grate like they often can do. It doesn’t come across as a let’s see how many references we can cram in scenario.

The ending is not something you typically see in Doctor Who novels, but somehow perfectly suits the character of the Tenth Doctor.

“Forever Autumn” is a great read for any Doctor Who fan, and for anyone, like myself, who is coming back to the fold after many years away.

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