A Little List For Easter

16 Apr

One of the joys of living in Australia is the fact that we have two public holidays over the Easter period, giving most people a much needed four day break.  I have decided that my four days are not to be frittered away, so to that end, I have written a To Do list for the Easter break.

  • Watch David Tennant in Hamlet;
  • Rewatch as much Sherlock as can be jammed into a four day period;
  • Nap;
  • Finish reading “The King’s Blood” by Sabrina Zbasnik which I promised to read and review a month ago (I got sidetracked by Sherlock fan fiction);
  • Reread The Hobbit:
  • Take a nap;
  • Watch the first Hobbit movie;
  • Watch Star Trek: Into Darkness;
  • Possibly take a nap;
  • One hour walk every day;
  • Cook a big pot of my Chicken & Three Vegetable soup;
  • Investigate the inherent possibilities of taking a nap;
  • Rewatch The Day of the Doctor;
  • Rewatch Jesus Christ Superstar (with Ben Forster channelling his inner Sherlock);
  • Have I mentioned that I might take a nap?

Think that’s enough to keep me occupied over this Easter.

Happy Easter, Pesach, or appropriate spring festival to all my readers. 🙂


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