Isabella: Braveheart of France

6 Jul

Over the weekend I read “Isabella: Braveheart of France” by Colin Falconer.

Isabella de Valois, the wife of Edward II, makes for a wonderful subject for a novel, this novel, however, is a let down on a large number of levels.

Firstly, it was impossible to form any sort of emotional connection with any of the characters. They were all mind numbingly bland. Piers Gaveston, one of the more interesting characters to sway across the stage of English history, is reduced to a giggling man-woman.

The chapters were short and detail was sparse. Giving rise to the repeated thought of “is this all there is?”

My main complaint is the editing, or lack thereof. Chapter 23 was immediately repeated as chapter 24. The opening paragraph of chapter 49 was used again to open chapter 57. Frankly this sort of shoddiness is not something I expect from a writer of the years of experience that Colin Falconer has.

Not impressed with the cover either. The woman on the cover, who is supposed to be, I would assume, Isabella, is dressed in ELIZABETHAN clothing.

I got “Isabella: Braveheart of France” from the library. If I had paid out money for it, I would be very angry indeed.


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