Lady Killer

8 Jul

I picked “Lady Killer” by David Krae up on Kindle because I had read and enjoyed David’s historical novel “Lucretia”.

I have to admit that at first I was dubious, as the first chapter was a little too graphic for my liking, but I persevered, and was rewarded, because this really is a little gem of a book.  It’s a short book, not much longer than a novella, but it doesn’t suffer for it.

Female television news reporters are being abducted, raped, and murdered.  There are no clues and forensic testing comes up blank every time.  Detective Victoria Scott is partnered with FBI Special Agent Tom Gracie to solve the crimes.  Susanne Amanti is a female reporter, hoping to work on television.  She’s an old friend of both Victoria and Tom.  As the clock ticks down it becomes apparent that Susanne is central to all that is happening.

Well written, fast paced, and the ending is a mind blower.

Special Agent Tom Gracie is an unusual character.  I do hope David considers writing more books about him.  He would definitely be worth a revisit.

I DID NOT see the reveal of the killer coming. In fact, I was genuinely shocked at the killer’s identity.  Kudos to David for that.  I usually work it out long before the reveal.

I recommend “Lady Killer” to anyone who enjoys good quality crime fiction.


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