Books for Children in Chuuk, Micronesia

27 Aug

A post was shared in a book group on Facebook that I belong to, that I would like to share with you:

“Hello lovely people. I’m about to beg, please don’t change the channel.

The school that I’m working at doesn’t have any reading books. The children in my class, when asked what they want to do after school have all said they want to read books.

If anyone has one old book suitable for ages 10-14 and a spare fiver in their pocket to post it, it would make some very happy kids. And one overjoyed Mr Roger.

The address is
Roger Wotherspoon
c/o Worldteach
PO Box 42
Federated States of Micronesia.

I can’t give you anything for your generosity, apart from thanks and the warm gooey feeling in your chest, and my gratitude. Maybe a picture of one of my kids reading your book.

Spread the word the next big charity will be ‘Books for Chuuk.’ “

It is really terrible to me, a woman who grew up with a massive love for the written word, that there are children out there who want to read, but have nothing to read. 

This weekend, I intend visiting local opportunity shops in my area to see what I can find to send to them.  Many of my blog posts are of book reviews, so I know that you, my lovely readers, are also big fans of books too.  If you have just one book you could send Roger, I know he would be grateful.  There is no greater pleasure than being able to put a smile of joy on a child’s face.

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