Long Weekend Observations

4 Nov

It was a (unofficial) long weekend down here in Melbourne this last weekend.  Yesterday was Melbourne Cup Day.  We’re one of the few cities in the world where the masses have a public holiday to celebrate a horse race.  However, as the holiday is always a Tuesday, those of us with benevolent employers take the Monday off and make a decent break of it.  I made a few observations over the four days that I’d like to share.  Just some odd moments, possibly interesting, if only to myself, but nothing enough to make a full blog post out of.

Observation 1: Halloween is really taking off in Melbourne.  A visit to Woolworths supermarket on Saturday morning revealed a confectionery aisle that looked like Genghis Khan and his entire Mongol horde had rampaged through it.  No doubt they were holed up somewhere sleeping off the sugar overdose.

Observation 2: When you’ve cut back the amount of refined sugar in your diet Cherry Ripe chocolate bars taste like shit.

Observation 3: Original Source Shea Butter and Honey shower gel smells like Mackintoshes Harrogate toffees.  You remember those?  The ones in the yellow plaid wrappers?  The ones that as kids we considered old people’s toffees because they were the ones the oldies went for first in the bag.  I am not sure if the shower gel makes me smell like a long forgotten toffee, or if it just makes me smell old.  Either way I’m pretty sure I won’t be buying this particular shower gel again.

Observation 4: A can of mixed berries and a can of coconut milk whizzed in the blender and frozen makes delicious ice blocks.  And ones I can tell myself are good for me.

Observation 5: Alphonse Mucha artworks seem to be the latest to be harvested for merchandising purposes.  Came across a tin of French sweets with “la Belle Epoque” on the lid, and a tin of English chocolates with “la Dame aux Camellias” on the lid.  Naturally, the French one was the more attractive tin.  Mostly because it was a direct copy.  The chocolate tin looked like Mucha’s Lady of the Camellias had been reinterpreted by a colour blind spider with delirium tremens.

Observation 6:  It is perfectly possible, with a little planning and forethought, to complete AND wrap all your Christmas shopping by 4th November.   I will now spend the run up to Christmas being unbearably smug.

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