The Will of the Dead

23 Feb

An elderly man is found dead at the bottom of a flight of stairs and his Will is missing.  Meanwhile a series of jewel robberies is taking place across London; carried out by “iron men”.  Scotland Yard is at its wits end.  Enter Sherlock Holmes.

That’s pretty much the plot for “The Will of the Dead”, and it’s a ripper of a read.  I started it last night and did not put it down until I had finished it.

The book could be considered pre-steampunk, as it ties into George Mann’s ‘Newbury and Hobbes’ series of books, with the events taking place many years prior to “The Affinity Bridge”.  The link between the worlds, however, is via Charles Bainbridge, who in this book is an Inspector at Scotland Yard and a friend of Lestrade’s.  Newbury and Hobbes do not appear.

“The Will of the Dead” is also an excellent Sherlock Holmes pastiche.  Mann has captured the friendship between Holmes and Watson perfectly.

The book is also well plotted and well written enough to satisfy even the fussiest Sherlockian.

Highly recommended.

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