The Albino’s Treasure

20 Sep

“The Albino’s Treasure” by Stuart Douglas is printed by Titan Books under their “Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” imprint.

A case of malicious damage at the newly opened National Portrait Gallery, which Holmes is persuaded to look into by Lestrade, leads to an interesting and dangerous case for Holmes and Watson, when they cross swords with the evil Lord of Strange Deaths, the ruler of Limehouse, and the enigmatic albino of the title.

The plot is detailed and absorbing.  There is nothing facile about this book.

Holmes and Watson are comfortably in character.  There is no jarring as there sometimes is with pastiches.  The strength of the friendship is shown quite clearly, especially in an horrific scene towards the end of the book.  This is the traditional Holmes and Watson, each with their clearly defined roles within the narrative, but it doesn’t make anything about the book predictable or dull.

There is a nice little BBC Sherlock gag, that fits in smoothly, and won’t ruffle the feathers of Sherlockians, but will make “Sherlock” fans chuckle gently.

It is hard to believe that “The Albino’s Treasure” is a first novel, as I have NEVER come across a first novel that was such a readable delight.

Highly recommended for all Sherlock Holmes fans.

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