The Diet Myth

8 Nov

It isn’t very often I come across a book that I would consider a life changing experience.  “The Diet Myth: The Science Behind What We Eat” by Tim Spector is definitely one of those.

Tim Spector’s book is very readable and explains the science behind what we eat, why diets don’t always work, and exactly how our digestive system works.

I came away from this book with a deep understanding of why some foods don’t sit well in my stomach, a starter’s guide to tailoring the way I eat for my body’s needs, a deep distrust of refined sugar, and an enormous respect for my own personal microbes.

I have great respect for Tim Spector.  He admits he’s made mistakes as a scientist.  It takes a big man to admit to his mistakes, and an even bigger one to do it in writing!

I cannot recommend this book highly enough to anyone interested in how their body works, in eating well, and staying healthy.  A rare 5 stars from me.


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