The Rhesus Chart

10 Mar

Bob Howard works for The Laundry, a secret department of the British Government.  They are, basically, an occult version of MI5.

No-one believes in vampires, so when a nest of vampires appears in Canary Wharf, all hell breaks loose for Bob and his comrades.  As the body count rises, Bob and the boys may have met their match.

“The Rhesus Chart”, by Charles Stross, rips along nicely.  An excellent story.  A spy thriller with lashings of Lovecraft and humongous helpings of humour.

The characters are well rounded and interesting.  I am particular fond of the Vicar, Peter.  I do hope he makes a return appearance.

The only thing I found a little heavy going was the jargon.  It did detract a little bit from my enjoyment.  However, the committee names and the acronyms, WOMBAT (Waste Of Money, Brains, And Time) was my personal favourite.  This one will be finding its way into my regular conversation, you can count on it.

“The Rhesus Chart” is part of a series, and I am now going to get the others to read.  You can’t get higher praise than that.

Highly recommended.

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