No Cats Allowed

18 May

“No Cats Allowed” is the seventh ‘Cat in the Stacks’ mystery by Miranda James.  Seven books in, and each one just gets better.

The university at Athena library has a new interim director, Oscar Reilly, a nasty bit of work who even the mild mannered Charlie Harris dislikes intensely, when he tries to get Diesel banned from the campus.

When Oscar is found murdered, there is no shortage of suspects.  But Charlie is incredulous when his childhood friend, Melba, becomes a serious suspect.  Charlie has to clear Melba’s name, and find the true culprit, before someone decides he should follow Oscar into death.

An excellent read that fairly bounces along.  Well plotted and entertaining.  We get to see a lot more of Melba in this one.  Alas, there is very little Stewart Dellacorte, but he and his boyfriend Haskell Bates are there when it counts.  Looks like Haskell may become a bigger character in future books.

I cannot recommend this book, or indeed, this series, highly enough.


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