Lady MacBeth’s Daughter

19 Jul

“Lady MacBeth’s Daughter” by Lisa M. Klein is a delightful book that takes an unusual look at Shakespeare’s famous tragedy.

While the viewpoint does switch, the story is mostly told from the viewpoint of Albia, the daughter of MacBeth and his wife, who was abandoned at birth and raised by three weird sisters.

It’s marketed as a young adult romance, but don’t let that stop you for several reasons.

It’s a damn good story.  Well told and absorbing.

The romance isn’t overplayed.  It’s young love (Albia and Fleance), but not in that nauseating way that adults seem to usually view teenagers in the first flush of love.  In all honesty it is more of a female perspective quest narrative than a romance.  Love drives the quest, but then that is usual of most quest narratives anyway.

The story, like any good quest, has a sprinkling of myth and magic to season it.  In this case it’s Celtic.

Highly recommended.

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