The Game’s Afoot

21 Aug

Currently, at Madame Tussaud’s in London, an event of mystery, imagination and excitement is taking place after the doors close of an evening.  I refer to the interactive theatrical experience that is “The Game’s Afoot”.

I attended with a close friend, not really expecting very much.  I had a ball.  It was adrenaline fueled fun from start to finish.

I cannot go into the plot.  The Game’s Afoot people ask very nicely that you don’t over share on social media.  I can understand this, because if you gave away clues and solutions, then you take the fun away from others.

There are two scenarios, that play out on different nights, but the workings are much the same.  The attendee is a junior Scotland Yard detective. This is really a case for Sherlock Holmes, but he has gone missing, so Scotland Yards finest (!) must fill the gap.

Each person is given a notebook to jot down clues, a pencil, and a sheet of paper that has a map on one side, and photographs of the suspects on the other.  Inspector Gregson gives you the back ground, then you are let loose to examine the area, talk to suspects, and look for clues.  There is also one other thing.  Each person is given a clue, just for them, that was left for them by Sherlock Holmes.  I will say one thing.  The clue I was given set me on the path.

As well as the suspects and Gregson, Doctor Watson, Lestrade, and the coroner are around to ask questions of, and advise.  I did notice that as individuals hit on the right track, then the help from certain characters became slightly more overt.  Lestrade gave me the threads I needed to pull everything together.  But never outright.  A clue, which lead to another clue, etc.

One thing I will share: the crypt set.  It will have any Sherlock Holmes fan hysterical with laughter.  When you look at the names on the graves.  I nearly got sidetracked because I was so delighted with the crypt.

“The Game’s Afoot” is brilliant.  It’s almost like a live action version of Cluedo.  The plots are intricate, and there are clues, evidence, and red herrings EVERYWHERE.  And fiendishly difficult.  I think less than half of those there solved the case.

If you’re going to be in London between now and 30th September 2016, do yourself a favour and go.

Oh, and I solved the crime.

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