Queen’s Gambit

18 Sep

Historical fiction set in the Tudor period is pretty much the main stay of historical fiction, so it takes something pretty special to catch my eye.

“Queen’s Gambit” by Elizabeth Fremantle is special.  A look at Henry VIII’s final queen, Catherine Parr.

It’s a very different look at the woman who survived Henry’s machinations.

Different, but, given the times, not unbelievable.

Elizabeth Fremantle has created fairly strong characters.  Catherine Parr and Dr Robert Huicke stand out very strongly.  I think this is the first historical novel I’ve read where Huicke has been more than simply been a name mentioned in passing.

A lot of the story swings on the character of Dorothy Fownten (Dorothy Fountain) who did exist and was a waiting woman to Catherine since her days as Lady Latymer.

Many Tudor historicals are male focused, which is fair, because it was a male dominated time period, but “Queen’s Gambit” is a book about strong women.

Highly readable and highly recommended.


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