The Metatemporal Detective

17 Nov

I was familiar with the name Michael Moorcock, but I’d never read anything of his, until “The Metatemporal Detective” pinged on my radar.

The book is an anthology of Moorcock stories about Sir Seaton Begg aka Sexton Blake and his distant cousin, and not so distant, sometime adversary, Monsieur Zenith, as they either battle or work together across the multiverses to solve crimes and save lives.

“The Metatemporal Detective” is a weirdly charming book and also charmingly weird.  It mixes detective fiction with fantasy, a touch of steampunk, and seasons it with the Holy Grail.  It is possibly one of the, if not THE, oddest book I have ever read.

I loved it.

However, I have no idea who to recommend it to, except to say if you love well written books that are more than a little offbeat, then “The Metatemporal Detective” is for you.

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