4 Dec

Most people would be familiar with Hugh Fraser as an actor than a writer.  He was the dashing and urbane Captain Hastings to David Suchet’s Poirot.

Hugh has turned his not inconsiderable talents to writing.  “Harm” is his first novel.  Rina Walker is an assassin.  The story swaps between 1956 when she started down the path, and 1974 when most of the novel takes place.  In 1974 Rina goes to Mexico to take out the head of a drug cartel…everything goes to hell and Rina finds herself fighting for her very survival.

“Harm” is well written and well plotted and zaps along at an almost frenetic pace.  Hugh Fraser also has a lovely way with the English language, his turn of phrase being both colourful and picturesque.

“Harm” is an excellent addition to the thriller genre.  A warning for the more faint hearted.  It is violent.  Graphically so in some places.  And some of the violence is sexual.  It may not be your cup of tea, so considered yourself duly warned.

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