18 Dec

At a time when other children had their mothers reading “Sleeping Beauty” and “Little Red Riding Hood” to them, my father was telling me the story of the abduction of Persephone with his own adornments (I particularly liked the squirrels wondering why she was picking flowers instead of nuts).

I bring this up so you understand that I was exposed to the Greek myths at a very young age. Once I was able to read, I got my hands on Bullfinch’s Mythology and Robert Graves rather interesting two volume offering.

Stephen Fry’s “Mythos” is a glorious retelling of the Greek myths.

Stephen Fry now sits, in my mind, with these giants of Greek mythology. His retelling of many of the stories, especially the origins of the gods, is simply delightful. His love for the subject just shines through, and he has a deft hand with gentle sarcastic observances and natty oneliners.

If I have to pick a favourite story it would have to be the birth of Hermes. And not just because Hermes has always been my favourite.

I now have a question for Stephen. When is he going to retell the Iliad?

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