The October Man

18 Jun

In this lovely novella, Ben Aaronovitch takes us away from the familiar streets of London.

Tobias Winter is a police officer and apprentice wizard with the German equivalent of the Folly. He is called to Trier when a body is found covered in fungus. Teamed with local police officer Vanessa Sommer the frantically search for the source of the magical infraction while dealing with a fractious river goddess and trying to stem the rising body count.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Ben taking the series away from London. I was delighted to discover I like Tobias Winter almost as much as I like Peter Grant.

Thought separate from the main stream of the RoL series, “The October Man” ties in neatly with references to the Folly, Peter Grant, and some interesting information about Thomas Nightingale’s past.

I thoroughly enjoyable read and a truly delightful addition to the RoL world. What I really want now is for Tobias to come to London. Tobias and Peter together would be both fun and quite possibly a national disaster.

Highly recommended.

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