Dead Ringers: Sherlock Holmes Stories

25 Jun

50609507._SY475_“Dead Ringers” (published by MX Publishing) is a volume of short stories from the pen of noted Sherlockian Robert Perret and is quite a treat.

The stories have all been published in a wide variety of publications and it is nice to have them all collected together in one volume.

Robert Perret’s style is tight and firm and the stories fairly bounce along. Perret’s Holmes rarely jars, and the relationship between Holmes and Watson is solid gold.

Writers sometimes concentrate so hard on Holmes and Watson that other canonical characters suffer. Not in these stories: Lestrade, Gregson, Mrs. Hudson, and others are all as well rounded, and the original characters solid and believable.

With any anthology there will be stories of greater and lesser appeal to each reader. For me, the absolute stand out stories were:

The Mystery of the Change of Art
The Adventure of the Pharaoh’s Tablet
The Adventure of the Twofold Purpose.

The latter story was my favourite; its gothic overtones making for quite a chilling tale.

An excellent volume of stories to while away a cold winter’s evening. Highly recommended.

Link to Book:

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