A Mortal Curiosity

27 Sep

“A Mortal Curiosity” is the second Lizzie Martin/Inspector Ben Ross book written by Ann Granger. The book is set in 1864 when Lizzie, adrift from her role of companion to her ‘Aunt Parry’, goes to Hampshire to act as a companiom to a young woman recovering from the loss of her child.

Ben is uneasy about Lizzie going, and his fears are realized when the young woman is found covered in blood and hysterical beside the body of a ratcatcher.

Ben is sent from Scotland Yard to investigate and the stage is set for a fabulous story.

“A Mortal Curiosity” is an absorbing read. The characters spring from the page full of vivacity and idiosyncrasies which make them curiously addictive. I was drawn deeply into the plot and I only put the book down with reluctance.

All of the Lizzie Martin/Ben Ross books can be read out of sequence, because Ms. Granger has the balance of backstory just right. Enough so someone new to the books can work out what is going on, and not so much as to annoy a regular reader of the series.

One of the best books I have read this year. Highly recommended.

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