5 Oct

Tracy Revels’ Sherlock Holmes novel, “Shadowfall”, published in 2011 by MX Publishing, is a book that has been sitting on my ‘To Be Read’ shelf for a while. I did not know what a delicious treasure was waiting for me.

When the sacred relics and mystical objects of London begin disappearing, Holmes is reluctant to take the case. But this isn’t an ordinary case and Holmes is far from an ordinary man.

Welcome to the world of Shadows.

“Shadowfall” isn’t traditional Holmes & Watson. This is a horror story as well as a mystery. Watson is completely human, but Holmes proves to be so much more than human.

Tracy Revels has written a darkly delicious story with much to delight people like myself, who are partial to their Holmes served with a side order of strange.

The book is well written; the writing tight and sharp, with a few light touches to ease the tension. Holmes and Watson in this book are very much in step with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s creations.

I didn’t so much read it as devour it. Highly recommended.

“Shadowfall” and its sequels (which have now gone onto my Book Depository wishlist) are still available::

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