Invitation to a Dynamite Party

15 Oct

I first came across Sergeant Cribb of Scotland Yard via the Granada television series in 1980-1981. I was delighted to discover the series was based on books by Peter Lovesey, and lost no time in hunting down copies. Fast forward 40 years and imagine my delight when I came across several of the books at a second hand shop.

I am delighted to report that the books have stood the test of time.

In “Invitation to a Dynmite Party” London in 1884 is being plagued by a series of bomb blasts. A reluctant Sgt Cribb is sent on an explosives course, and when his offsider, Constable Thackery appears to be one of the terrorists, Cribb finds himself on a whirling ride fraught with danger, including being abducted at gunpoint to be the terror group’s new bombmaker.

The story is fast paced and well written. A fascinating take on a perilous time.

Peter Lovesey also has a fine line in sarcasm:

“‘Fancy that!’ said Inspector Jowett, so dedicated to the cause of personal advancement that he was ready to fancy anything a senior officer showed him.”

If you love Victorian era detective fiction, it will be worth your while getting hold of a copy (maybe try ABE Books).

Highly recommended.

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