The Shadows of Sherlock Holmes

1 May

“The Shadows of Sherlock Holmes” is an anthology of crime stories from authors that are roughly contemporary with Sir Arthur Doyle. Writers of the calibre of Edgar Allan Poe, Baroness Orczy and Doyle’s brother-in-law, E. W. Hornung. The book was edited by noted Holmesian author David Stuart Davies and published by Wordsworth Classics.

With any anthology there are good stories and bad stories, and in the case of older stories, some that have not withstood the passage of time. On the whole, however, the book was a good read. For me, the best stories were:

The Absent-Minded Coterie – by Robert Barr
The Duchess of Wiltshire’s Diamonds – by Guy Boothby
The Great Pearl Mystery – by Baroness Orczy

If you come across a copy, it is worth a read.

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