Gaslight Ghouls: Uneasy Tales of Sherlock Holmes, Monsters & Madmen

1 Nov

“Gaslight Ghouls: Uneasy tales of Sherlock Holmes, Monsters and Madmen” is a fabulous addition to the Gaslight series of Sherlock Holmes anthologies. The general theme for this one was “Folk Horror”. For those unfamiliar with the genre, think the 1973 movie “The Wicker Man”.

The series is edited by J. R. Campbell and Charles Prepolec, and the other volumes were published by EDGE. This excellent book has been published by Belanger Books who are renowned for Sherlock Holmes with a bit of a twist.

Anthologies are usually a bit hit and miss. There is always one story you love and others that you cannot stand. Not in this anthology, at least, not for me. I enjoyed every single story. They were all appropriately chilling and unsettling.

For me the outstanding stories were:

The Peculiar Case of Sweetly’s Luck by Alison Littlewood;
The Case of the Stranded Harlequin by Mark A. Latham;
The First Footers by Stephen Volk; and
Song from Dark Annie’s Bower by Angela Slatter.

Dark and delicious, this book proved to be a perfect Halloween read. The book is going into my permanent collection. Highly recommended.


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