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A New Sherlock Holmes Adventure.

29 Jan

I thought 2019 was a good year, with my first novel, “Sherlock Holmes and the Molly-Boy Murders” released by MX Publishing.  2020 looks to be even better.

I am delighted to announce that on 16th April 2020 my second Sherlock Holmes novel, “Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Perplexed Politician” will be released by MX Publishing.

“When the fiancé of the sister of a Member of Parliament is found dead in mysterious circumstances, the man turns to Sherlock Holmes and John Watson to get an answer to the puzzle.  Journeying to the small Wiltshire village of Barrow-upon-Kennet, Holmes and Watson are soon deep into a murder investigation.  With few clues and a mounting death toll, Holmes and Watson realize that they are facing something much more sinister than a perplexed politician.”

Has the blurb whetted your appetite?  I hope so.  As soon as I have pre-order details I will share them with you.


Sherlock Holmes and the Molly-Boy Murders Released

27 Oct


My debut novel, “Sherlock Holmes and the Molly-Boy Murders” was published last week by MX Publishing.

It is available in paperback from a variety of sources as well as being available on Kindle.

If you like Sherlock Holmes and thrilling stories, please do consider giving my book a try.

A Baskerville Curse

10 Oct

The combination of Sherlock Holmes and Lego isn’t one that naturally occurs to most people.  It is, however, a truly delightful one.  “A Baskerville Curse: Another Sherlock Holmes Alphabet” by P. James Macaluso Jr., tells the story of “The Hound of the Baskervilles” in a simple A-Z format using Lego.  The result is a charming and whimsical book that should delight Sherlock Holmes fans and children alike.

The book is soon to be published by MX Publishing, and this Sherlock Holmes fan plans to add a copy to her collection as soon as it becomes available.

If you would like to make this book a reality, please consider supporting the kickstarter:

Below is an illustration from the book: W is for Witness.  Holmes and Watson talk to Mrs. Laura Lyons.W is for Witness

Getting to Know Margaret Walsh

25 Sep

It was a delight to be interviewed by Geri. If you haven’t already done so, follow her blogs and read her books.

Geri Schear

I’m always happy to welcome a new MX author. I can’t believe there are more than 100 of us now. One of the most recent to join us is Margaret Walsh. I recently had a chance to get to know her a little better. Here’s what she told me:

Tell us a little about yourself, Margaret.

I was born in Auckland, New Zealand and moved to Melbourne, Australia in my late twenties, where I currently live.

I started writing when I was a child. My first published work was a poem in the children’s pages of the New Zealand Women’s Weekly! My real interest in writing stories was fired by the 1970s BBC series “Blake’s 7” for which I wrote several short stories, none of which survive. After that I mostly just kept a journal and wrote a few poems before I really caught the fan fiction bug with the…

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Sherlock Holmes and the Molly-Boy Murders

12 Sep

My first Sherlock Holmes pastiche is now available to pre-order from Amazon USA and Amazon UK.  Publication date for the paperback is 25th October 2019.

“London, 1889. In a city still reeling from the depredations of Jack the Ripper another killer arises. Stalking the West End and Marylebone and striking at a seemingly unconnected group of victims, the murderer leaves fear and confusion in his wake. Mr. Sherlock Holmes, Dr. John Watson, and Inspector Lestrade face a case like no other they have yet faced. A case that will leave each of them changed and bring personal danger as they race against a mounting death toll to bring down the Molly-Boy Murderer.”

The October Man

18 Jun

In this lovely novella, Ben Aaronovitch takes us away from the familiar streets of London.

Tobias Winter is a police officer and apprentice wizard with the German equivalent of the Folly. He is called to Trier when a body is found covered in fungus. Teamed with local police officer Vanessa Sommer the frantically search for the source of the magical infraction while dealing with a fractious river goddess and trying to stem the rising body count.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Ben taking the series away from London. I was delighted to discover I like Tobias Winter almost as much as I like Peter Grant.

Thought separate from the main stream of the RoL series, “The October Man” ties in neatly with references to the Folly, Peter Grant, and some interesting information about Thomas Nightingale’s past.

I thoroughly enjoyable read and a truly delightful addition to the RoL world. What I really want now is for Tobias to come to London. Tobias and Peter together would be both fun and quite possibly a national disaster.

Highly recommended.

Sherlock Holmes and the Molly-Boy Murders

3 Jun

I am proud to announce that my book “Sherlock Holmes and the Molly-Boy Murders” will be published by MX Publishing in October 2019.

The exact publication date will be advised.


Writing Update

19 Mar

I haven’t done a blog post for a wee while.  Sorry about that.  For two reasons.  The first is that I haven’t been reading as much, and the second is the reason for the first.  I have been writing.

A few of you may remember that I had a short story published a few years ago.  Well that got the writing fire well and truly going.

I have an essay being published in the anthology “Finding Sherlock Holmes” edited by Chris Redmond and published by Wildside Press, due for release in the Northern hemisphere fall of this year.

Also being published this year is an essay in the anthology “Spark: How Fic Can Set Your Writing On Fire” edited by Atlin Merrick and published by Improbable Press, also due for release later this year.

On top of that I am in the process of editing my completed Sherlock Holmes pastiche that I will be attempting to find a publisher for.

As you can see I’ve been very busy.

The Bartered Brides

4 Feb

In “The Bartered Brides”, the thirteenth Elemental Masters novel by Mercedes Lackey, Sherlock Holmes is apparently dead, and Lestrade needs the help of Watson, along with Nan and Sarah to solve the crime of who is beheading young women dressed as brides, and throwing the headless corpses in the Thames.

Mercedes Lackey has turned out a gorgeous tale of magic and murder.

The joy of the Elemental Masters books with Sherlock Holmes in them is that Holmes isn’t a magician, and has difficulty with the concept, though, being the logical man that he is, when he is given evidence, he takes it on board.

Towards the end of the novel there is a delightful tip of the hat to Arthur Conan Doyle’s abysmal continuity, that made me chuckle.

This is the third Elemental Masters book with the cast of Nan, Sarah, John & Mary Watson, and Sherlock Holmes. In each book the characters grow and develop just that little bit more.

“The Bartered Brides” is a delicious addition to my permanent Sherlock Holmes collection.

Highly recommended.

I noted on Good Reads that a fourth book is due out towards the end of this year.  I will look forward to that with great anticipation.

Gaslight Gothic: Strange Tales of Sherlock Holmes

29 Jan

This book, the fourth anthology volume of Gaslight Sherlock Holmes stories, is simply delicious.

The standard of the stories is very high. Usually in every anthology you get at least one story that falls flat. It’s a tribute to the joint editing skills of J. R. Campbell and Charles Prepolec  that every story is a winner.

“Gaslight Gothic” combines the fog shrouded mysteries of Sherlock Holmes with the sort of plots that the likes of M. R. James and William Hope Hodgson excelled at.

As I said, every story is a winner, but three really stood out for me:

The Cuckoo’s Hour, by Mark A. Latham
The Strange Case of Dr Sacker and Mr Hope, by James Lovegrove
The Strange Adventure of Mary Holder, by Nancy Holder.

All three stories were creepy to an extremely high level.

“Gaslight Gothic: Strange Tales of Sherlock Holmes” now has a place in my permanent Sherlock Holmes collection, alongside my editions of the canon and one or two others.

Highly recommended.

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