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Completely Cumberbatched!

26 Feb


Cumberbatched: An affliction affecting large numbers of women across the world who are hooked on BBC’s Sherlock.  It takes the form of complete fascination with the high cheekbones, exotic green eyes, creamy translucent skin and cupid’s bow mouth of the star, Benedict Cumberbatch.  Those afflicted tend to be under about 30.  I’m over 40 and I’m Cumberbatched.  I am not sure whether I should be congratulated, pitied or scolded.

I have been a Sherlockian since I first came across Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel “A Study in Scarlet” when I was about 10.  I have read all 4 novels and 57 stories numerous times, read pastiches by other writers, watched every damn version of movie and television I could come across.  I’d heard about the modernization of Sherlock Holmes and wasn’t too impressed with the idea…until two weeks ago.

A friend of mine got into it and suggested I would like it.  Quoting lines to me which piqued my interest.  So I bought the season 1 DVDs.  I was enchanted from the first moment.  It was obvious that the writers, Mark Gatiss and Steve Moffat, were also Sherlockians, because the subtle canon references came thick and fast.  What was also obvious was the undeniable charms of the star, Benedict Cumberbatch.

Benedict puts me in mind of a Fairy Prince come out of the Hollow Hills in search of foolish maidens to lure to their doom.  I am neither foolish nor a maiden, but would be amenable to being lured!

Benedict has said in interviews that he would like to play Hamlet.  Personally, I would love to see him play Oberon in “A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream”.  With his exotic looks, he would be the most chilling and believable Oberon ever.  Oberon is NOT a nice character.  King of the Fairies, selfish, dictatorial, sets his wife up to be humiliated, yet given to bursts of kindness, as when he tries to untangle the love affairs of the mortals who are roaming his forest.

If Martin Freeman was teamed with him as Puck…oh what a perfect production that would be.

A wonderful dream for me to contemplate.  But, meanwhile, I have Sherlock dvds to watch, the anticipation of season 3 to savor, whilst continuing to be comprehensively Cumberbatched.

What fools these mortals be!

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