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Update and Apologies

24 Nov

I know I haven’t done a blog post for awhile and I apologize for this. There is a reason.

The reason is that I have had to find a new place to live as, after fifteen years, my landlord decided that they didn’t want to give me a new lease. I have been frantically trying to find a new flat.

I have found a new flat and I am now trying to pack up, or dispose of, fifteen years worth of accumulated stuff. So much stuff!

I haven’t even had time to begin to read the book that was selected as my next read and review book, James Lovegrove’s “Sherlock Holmes and the Christmas Demon”.

The move takes place in just under three weeks. Hopefully before December is out I will be able to sit down and read the book and do a review for you.

Again, my apologies for the lack of blog posts.


20 May

I have not forgotten my blog or you, dear readers.  What I have got is a nasty bloody cold.  Stuffy in the head.barking like a seal, and generally feeling like crap.  I haven’t even been able to muster up enough energy and enthusiasm to read any new books.

I will be back, just as soon as I start feeling better.  *goes off in search of tissues and honey*


6 Feb

I am sorry for barely any activity on the blog this week.

We’ve been without an internet connection for almost two days.  A first world problem, I know, but one that has nearly driven over the main peak of Mount Insanity.

Normal service will be resumed from Monday (in the antipodes), hopefully with a blog post on the Sherlock episode “The Sign of Three”.

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