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Act My Age? Like Hell!

27 Feb

I got taken to task for my last blog “Completely Cumberbatched”.  A (now former) friend on a certain social networking site sent me a private message castigating me for my “lusting after a man 10 years your junior.  Act your age!”

Got an answer for that one.  Not a hope in hell!

Where is it written that once a woman hits 40 she can no longer admire sexually desirable men who are over the age of sexual consent?  Nowhere as far as I can see.

It seems to me that some people think that once you reach 40 you have to stop having fun.  Any sort of fun.  Running around in the rain getting soaked and laughing hysterically?  No! Children do that.  Jumping in puddles? No! Children do that.  Admiring a hot guy? No, no, no.  THAT is for teenagers!


My mother now lives in an aged care hostel.  She has lots of fun with her like minded friends.  They laugh, tell stories, tell wonderfully dirty jokes to each other and the staff, who laugh and enjoy the fact that here are people at the end of their lives who are still getting so much joy out of life.  My mother is very popular at the home with both the other residents and staff.  Why?  Because she has fun, and in doing so brings a little fun into other’s lives.

She is probably around the age now of the elderly lady we encountered at the ballet when I was in my late teens.  We had gone to see a production of The Nutcracker.  During a quiet moment as the Nutcracker Prince danced on stage, a loud, obviously elderly, female voice rose from the audience several rows behind us.  “My, he does have a wonderful packed lunch.  Wouldn’t mind a bite of that!”  Now THERE was a woman getting maximum fun out of life.

I intend to be that woman in my extreme old age.

Meanwhile, I have friends over 40 who encourage me in my fun and happily join in it.  One of my close friends has dared me to send a photo to Benedict Cumberbatch to see if he’ll autograph it.  The photo is a screen cap from “A Scandal in Belgravia”.  Wonder if Benedict is up to signing a photo of his own bum?  We’ll find out sooner or later.


25 Feb

Now that the obligatory ockerism is out of the way, welcome to my blog.

I’ve decided I need an outlet for my musings, meanderings and generally wandering thoughts, that is slightly larger that 140 characters.  Twitter is a lot of fun, but terribly frustrating for the terminally verbose.

You will, I guess, want to know something about me.  40 something, female, Aussie with a reasonably original mind.  The subjects I will probably cover will include the things I enjoy, such as “Sherlock” (with Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman), NCIS, books I have particularly enjoyed, food, random occurrences, and also things that drive me totally crazy.

Given that this is a federal election year in Australia, and I loathe politics in any way, shape or form, the possibility exists of several half crazed political rants by the time the election has been and gone in September.

I probably won’t blog everyday, I don’t want to become predictable.  There’s no fun in that.

So, welcome aboard.  Take a seat.  There are oxygen masks above your seats in the case of any emergency.  Fasten your seat belts.  We’re off!

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