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Jeremy Brett: Playing a Part

9 Aug

To many people the name ‘Jeremy Brett’ is synonymous with Sherlock Holmes.  His performance as the Great Detective in the Granada production made him a household name around the world.  But there was much more to Jeremy than Sherlock Holmes, and Maureen Whittaker in her monumental undertaking “Jeremy Brett: Playing a Part” demonstrates that at great length.

From Jeremy’s childhood in Warwickshire, to his years on the stage, his sojourn in Hollywood, to Sherlock Holmes, and to his final cameo role in “Moll Flanders”, Maureen gives us a wonderful in depth look at the life and career of this fabulously talented actor.

The book is large and packed with many photos that have not been seen before.  A beautiful foreword by Jeremy’s first Watson, David Burke, just adds to the delight.

Published by MX Publishing, Maureen Whittaker’s magnum opus is a testament to both the talent of Jeremy Brett and the love that so many people still have for him.

One thing that I really loved about this book was Maureen’s refusal to include gossip.  Everything in this book came from a substantiated source, resulting in a book that is both honest and respectful.

Well written and impeccably researched, “Jeremy Brett: Playing a Part” deserves a spot in the collection of every Holmesian.

I would like to thank Steve Emecz at MX Publishing for giving me a copy to review.

Link to Book: https://mxpublishing.com/products/jeremy-brett-playing-a-part-colour-paperback-edition?_pos=3&_sid=24525ff33&_ss=r

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