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Blogging About Sherlock

17 Feb

It seems at the moment that the most popular thing I could possibly write about is the BBC show “Sherlock”.  My blog statistics for the last week are overwhelmingly Sherlock related.

The most popular tag has been Sherlock itself.  People seeming voracious for anything related to the show.

The BBC was next most searched for.  I am assuming the BAFTAs had something to do with that.  Because that tag exploded into the stats yesterday.

Next off the rank was Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.  People interested in my blogs about both characters equally.  Which makes sense to me, because in my mind you can’t have one without the other.

There were searches for both Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch, though these two are almost always in my statistics, so it cannot necessarily be taken as being definitively Sherlock related.

The thing that interested me was the searches for the tags Johnlock, Fan Fiction, and AU.  It seems that people also want to read other peoples opinions on the subject of fan fiction.  Thanks to those reading those blog posts, it lets me know I’m on the right track with my occasional series of blogs on Sherlock alternate universe fan fiction. 

I do find it very interesting that people are interested in reading blogs on literary characters turned TV characters.  It shows that the appeal of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s characters is universal and enduring.  It isn’t just the appeal of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, either.  I find that when I do blogs that are book reviews of Sherlock Holmes pastiches, they get a lot of hits as well.  More than any other book reviews I do.

I can confidently say that there will be more Sherlock and Sherlock Holmes blog posts in the future.  Many, many more.  Thanks for reading.

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