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Personal Style Evolution

7 May

Over the weekend I did an audit of my wardrobe after obtaining a couple of new items.  And yes, one of them was another scarf!

I tend to audit my wardrobe pretty carefully, just to make sure I am actually wearing the stuff I have.  My clothes tend to breed like rabbits.  This time I made a couple of surprising discoveries.

Firstly, I discovered that I no longer owned a single pair of sneakers or trainers.  Somewhere along the line they had been completely replaced with black boots and loafers.  I like black for footwear…it blends with everything.  I have never been particularly interested in shoes, but it was definitely interesting to discover that my subconscious had decided that scruffy sneakers were no longer part of my personal style.

My second discovery was that my subconscious appeared to be on a mission.  All my sweat shirts/sloppy joes had managed to donate themselves to opportunity shops and had been replaced with close fitting, smart sweaters/jumpers in strong, bright colours.

At least my subconscious left my hoodies alone.  I am very fond of my fire engine red Carharrt hoodie.  Mind you, it is form fitting, so maybe my subconscious actually approves of it.

I found myself wondering at exactly what point did I decide that I no longer wanted to look scruffy at weekends?  That I wanted to look smart, but still be comfortable, 7 days a week?

I came to the conclusion that it’s a form of evolution.  The evolution of personal style.  Like normal evolution, you just don’t notice it’s happening until everything has changed.  Then you find yourself looking at yourself in the mirror, admiring the close fitting jeans coupled with sweater, boots, and a pashmina tossed casually over the shoulders, thinking that you don’t look too damn bad at all.

My personal style evolution still needs a slight helping hand.  I noticed a couple of pairs of grey sweatpants lurking in the wardrobe.  These have been earmarked for the next box to the opportunity shop.  I don’t need my subconscious to tell me that they need to go.

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