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London 2015

12 Nov

The next major step on the road to my London trip next year has been taken.

I have booked my airfares and hotel.  I now have dates I will be in London and a place to lay my head.

It is now starting to feel very real.

I had several criteria for the hotel.  It had to be close to UCL (for the Petrie Museum), the British Museum, and the Sherlock Holmes Museum.  My travel agent found me a nice hotel that was snuggled close to these attractions and I accepted his word on it.  It wasn’t until I got home and looked up the hotel that I realised just how serendipitous the hotel selection was.

My long time readers now that I am both a Sherlock Holmes fan and a BBC Sherlock fan.  I discovered that I will be spending 19 days literally just around the corner from North Gower Street where they shoot the exteriors for Sherlock!  Speedy’s Cafe is amongst the closest places to eat to my hotel!

I have a tendency to taking early morning walks.  I can see me quietly wandering North Gower Street playing a mental game of “I saw this on Sherlock” as I spot familiar things.

The Petrie Museum, The British Museum, and The Sherlock Holmes Museum are amongst the top attractions on my lists of things to do and see.  I am hoping the Sherlock Holmes Museum sells deerstalkers, as I have wanted one since I was 10 years old.

So far I have only one day fully planned out.  One of my favourite people in the whole wide world, my friend Rebecca, and I are going to the Tower of London and then doing the London Bridge Experience which is recreations of London’s dark and murky past.  Possibly tourist tat, but I am so looking forward to it.

And my list of things to do and see keeps growing.  Thanks to a documentary on underground London, I discovered that the Guildhall Art Gallery has preserved the ruins of Roman London’s amphitheatre in its basement and you can visit it.  And it is free!

The legendary London Stone in Cannon Street is also on the agenda.  One legend has it that is is the mystical heart of London.  Another legend (my favourite) claims it was the stone from which Arthur’s sword Excalibur was drawn.

This is what I love about London. The wondrous blend of history and mystery that makes it like no other city in the world.

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