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Hooked on Hooked

30 Mar

Since changing my dietary habits I have discovered that my body no longer appreciates deep fried food, especially deep fried starch, aka chips/fries.  This has meant that my favourite takeaway of fish and chips was off the menu.

Until yesterday.

A fish cafe by the name of “Hooked” has opened in Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn, selling “healthy” fish and other things.  I decided to have lunch there yesterday.  For less that $15 I got a fillet of grilled blue grenadier, asian greens and rice, and a bottle of organic fruit juice.  I have had meals in expensive restaurants that didn’t taste as good as that meal.  The fish was perfectly cooked, as were the greens.  The rice was lightly spiced and an excellent counterpoint to the fish.

Blue Grenadier is the house fish, and is from a sustainable source.  They also have specials which are dependent on what is available at the Melbourne Fish Market.

You can have your fish fish grilled, as I did, or fried in a light tempura batter.  Chips are available instead of the greens and rice.  For an extra $2.00 you can have salad instead of the other options.  I noticed several people had gone for the salad, and the servings were downright generous.  Over half the plate being covered with delicious looking salads.  The Asian Coleslaw looked particularly tempting.  I may try that next time.

The drinks cabinet is interesting.  There is a small array of the usual soft drinks, but “Hooked” mostly stocks juices and smoothies made by the New Zealand company Charlie’s.  The also carry a large range of the Phoenix brand of organic juices and soft drinks.  Phoenix is the organic arm of Charlie’s.

The layout is comfortable and roomy, with small tables along the walls, and large communal tables down the middle of the cafe.  Everything is clean, white and bright.  Condiments are arranged generously along the tables.  Sea salt, pepper in a grinder, tomato sauce, chilli sauce, and malt vinegar.  Homemade tartar sauce is available in small pots for a nominal amount.

Great food, friendly staff, and excellent ambiance make “Hooked” at great place to drop in for lunch any day of the week.


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