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Martin Freeman on the Graham Norton Show

15 Dec

In the interests of fairness, I sat up and watched Martin’s appearance on the Graham Norton Show.  Well, I’ve sat up and watched Benedict Cumberbatch twice this year.

Martin is great value on the show.  He has a delightful presence and his dry comments added so much to the show, especially as Ben Stiller appeared not to know what the hell was going on.  However, as Graham Norton frequently has that effect on American guests, we can forgive him.  The other guest was Jamie Oliver, who was also great value.

One thing I cannot believe is that NO-ONE on the couch and NO-ONE in the audience knew the origin of Boxing Day.  For your information, Graham, Martin, Jamie and Ben – it is a particularly British institution arising from the habit of servants having to work Christmas Day making dinner, cleaning house etc.  On St Stephen’s Day, 26th December, the servants were mostly given the day off, and that was also the day they received their Christmas Box from their employer.  Hence, Boxing Day!  It’s a fairly old practice… wasn’t in practice when the British were exporting settlers to America, but well in place when the time came to settle Australia and New Zealand.  Both countries celebrate the Boxing Day public holiday.

Right, into the show.  Martin Freeman’s socks looked like he knocked them off a Christmas elf on Oxford Street.  I want them.  I adore loud socks.  I am a socks addict.

One gorgeous thing was Ben and Martin trying to one up each other over doing stunts.  Very funny to watch.

Ben Stiller’s comments on Martin not smiling in photographs prompted the comment: “He doesn’t even know me and he thinks I’m a miserable shit.” 

One of the funniest moments had to be Graham Norton talking about Martin’s internet fans saying he resembles a small woodland animal then trying to get Jamie Oliver to guess what one.  When Jamie came out with “Catweazle” I nearly had hysterics.  For those who have never see the show “Catweazle”, the title character was a grumpy, dirty, disgusting old wizard who accidentally magicked himself into the 20th Century and got stuck there.    Catweazle was a sort of anti-Gandalf.  The show was very popular during my childhood.

For those who don’t know – Martin has been compared to a hedgehog.  He takes it pretty well, but you can see it’s got old really fast for him.

One thing I do want to comment on is Martin’s reaction when someone says or does something stupid.  He has THE best “what-is-the-weather-like-on-your-planet” expression I have ever seen.

The other hysterically funny moment came when Graham showed a fan video “Jamie Oliver Talks Dirty” with snippets of footage from Jamie’s shows packaged together to make one of the most innuendo laden things I have seen in years.  Poor Jamie was so embarrassed, and Martin was nearly hysterical with laughter.

All in all, it was an excellent show, and I am glad I sacrificed my sleep for it.

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